Recent Outcomes


The Current Status and Work of Three Rs Centres and Platforms in Europe

Neuhaus et al. describe and summarize the current status and activities of 3R centres in Europe

IMPROVE - Working group meeting WG 1-4

Meeting of all four working groups in Sarajevo, Bosnia Herzegovina. Organized by members of the COST Action of the Verlab Institute. Hybrid meeting with about 80 participants.

ITC Conference Grant

One ITC grant was successfully granted to a YRI from Portugal to attend the SupraLife First School at the University of Aveiro, Portugal from 19.-24.3.2023

Introduction of the COST Action IMPROVE and EU3Rnet

Invited presentation of W. Neuhaus at the 9. Sitzung der Tierversuchskommission des Bundes gemäß §35 TVG2012 at the Federal Ministry of the Republic of Austria for Education, Science and Research, 13.12.2022

European 3Rs network: connect and support scientists

Presentation of W.Neuhaus at the 6R-Roundtable - 8th Panel-Discussion – the first R: Replacement: Alternatives to animal testing – what can we achieve together? c/o Berliner Kompaktkurse, 30.11.2022.

Introduction of the COST Action IMPROVE

Talk of W. Neuhaus at the Meeting of Member State National Contact Points for the Implementation of Directive 2010/63/EU, European Commission, 10.11.2022

3Rs Concepts for Better Science: The Power of in vitro Models to Study Biological Barriers / The new COST Action IMPROVE

Pesentation of W. Neuhaus at the 2nd LUXEMBOURG 3R-SYMPOSIUM & 3R-WORKSHOP, 20.10.2022

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