The participants learned about different models for testing in vitro, focusing on reproducibility, and exploring new non-animal models for getting closer to humans. The Training School shed light on the latest models for performing research in human diseases and health problems with less use of animals for experimentation.

The first large Training school with a focus on Dissemination took place at Università degli Studi di Milano in Milan (Italy) with expert trainers and trainees from 13th-15th of September 2023, directly before the Centro 3Rs meeting. The in total about 30 in-person and online participants attended courses on “Theory of Science Communication”, “Theory and Software for Video-Making”, Video Ideas and Analysis”, “Social Media”, “Use of Social media Channels”, “GDPR in Communication”, “Newsletters” and “Twitter Bio”. The Training school was very successful offering new knowledge and techniques which could be leveraged for the COST Action itself or for the different tasks in the daily life of the participants.

Photo: Arti Ahluwalia