Rodent Sentinel Replacement Hub

An extensive web page of resources on why and how to replace soiled bedding sentinels with environmental health monitoring via the 3Rs Collaborative (3RsC) website

April 21, 2024

MPS Tech Hub - commercially available microphysiological systems

A database of commercially available microphysiological systems that can be filtered by organ type, disease model, and non-human species via the The 3Rs Collaborative (3RsC) website

April 21, 2024

The 3Rs Collaborative (3RsC)

A US-based non-profit whose mission is to advance better science - for both people and animals - through facilitating collaborative 3Rs activities.

April 21, 2024

Animal Free Resarch UK

UK charity that provides funding, training and information on alternatives, and organises conferences and helpathons.

April 21, 2024

Fund for the Replacement of Animals in Medical Experiments (FRAME) (UK)

UK charity that provides research funding, training and education, and advocates for alternatives to animal testing.

April 21, 2024


European Society for Toxicology in Vitro

FC3R Short Notes - unpublished positive or negative results

A platform for disseminating unpublished positive or negative results. Through the submission of scientific results, it will enhance transparancy and robustness of research, and allow the access to data that were not visible until now.

Newsletters about 3R developments from Norecopa

Newsletters about the latest 3R advances, published 7-8 times a year

April 21, 2024,

List of databases with relevance to the 3Rs

A list of 70 databases of relevance to the 3Rs via Norecopa website

April 21, 2024,

The 3R Guide database

The 3R Guide database of 400 guidelines when planning, conducting or reporting animal studies - via Norecopa Website

April 21, 2024,

Textbase database

The TextBase database of 1,500 books of relevance to LAS and the 3Rs via the Norecopa website

April 21, 2024,

NORINA (A Norwegian Inventory of Alternatives)

The NORINA database of 3,000 resources to replace, reduce or refine animal use in education and training, at all levels from schools through universities to animal research - via Norecopa website

April 21, 2024,

Refinement Wiki

A Refinement Wiki for posting ideas on refinement of animal experiments on Norecopa website

April 21, 2024,

International Culture of Care Network

The website of the International Culture of Care Network via Norecopa website

Interactive global 3R map

An interactive global map from Norecopa showing 3R centres and relevant associations

Slide deck about the development of the 3Rs - Norecopa

A 40-slide Powerpoint deck describing the development of the 3Rs

April 21, 2024

Recorded webinars and meetings related to PREPARE guideline

Lists of recorded webinars and meetings, sorted by the topics within PREPARE

April 21, 2024

PREPARE guidelines

The PREPARE guidelines for planning experiments which might include the use of animals

April 21, 2024,

Webinars and Meetings calendar - Norecopa

A global overview of 3R meetings

April 21, 2024


Online tool from german BfR to assist researchers in their search for possible alternative methods in PubMed

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