Let's talk about mindset!


May 17, 2024


On May 16th,the Young Investigators and Innovators committee from COST Action IMPROVE organized the webinar Let's Talk about Mindset, facilitated by Nikki Osborne from RESPONSIBLE RESEARCH IN PRACTICE.

This seminar provided an introduction to the concept of growth and survival mindsets. It was discussed, why mindset matters and how it influences our reactions and interactions with others. Awareness of mindset traits, triggers and behaviors can provide individuals with the insight needed to show up more consistently from a mindset and fullfil their research potential.

The activity that was part of the Career Development Program equipped the participants with essential insights and tools to understand the fundamental differences between operating from a mindset of growth and survival. It also provided clues to identify personal triggers, habits, flags, and behaviors associated with both mindsets.

After this activity, ten participants, members of the COST Action IMPROVE, were awarded a virtual grant to participate in the 6-hour course “Mindset to Growth,” in which they will be provided with tools to achieve a shift from a mindset of survival to growth.

This opportunity is expected to allow participants to embark on a journey of self-discovery and growth towards a better 3R science.

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