Career Development Workshop Series 2024 Kick-off Event


March 3, 2024


On March 1 at 13:00 CET, the Career Development Workshop Series 2024 kick-off event, organized by the Young Researchers and Innovators Committee in collaboration with the Mentorship committee from COST Action IMPROVE, brought together expert speakers and approximately 20 participants from diverse backgrounds for an insightful exploration into career paths within the field of the 3Rs—replacement, Reduction, and Refinement.

The meeting featured distinguished speakers.

In the first place, Ioanna Sandvig delved into the nuances of selecting research interests, finding mentors, cultivating a unique research niche, and offering practical advice to aspiring researchers.

Winfried Neuhaus shared his own experiences on connecting the dots for an exemplary career path, providing valuable insights into navigating the professional landscape.

To finalize the journey, Maria Kitsara explored the significance of mobility during the Postdoc phase and crafting a diverse and competitive profile for the industry, inspiring attendees to pursue opportunities for growth and development.

A general discussion gathered concerns from the young researchers towards aspects like the uncertainty of their professional future but also the advice from the experts on how to deal with it. 

The journey ended with the YRI committee expressing its satisfaction with the vibrant exchange of ideas and insights that took place, fostering a supportive environment for professional growth and networking.

The Career Development Workshop Series 2024 kick-off event marked the beginning of an exciting journey towards empowering young researchers and innovators to achieve their career aspirations.

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