Thursday, February 15, 2024 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

(UTC+01:00) Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid, Paris

During this 5th webinar, we will zoom in on the use of high throughput organoid drug screening for various applications such as personalized medicine, and the development of breast organoids in fundamental research

- Prof. Dr. Christophe Deben is the head of the Tumoroid Screening lab at the University of Antwerp and played a key role in establishing and leading the UZA/UAntwerp tumor organoid biobank. He co-founded Orbits Oncology, developing an image and data analysis platform for organoid drug screening using live-cell imaging. Additionally, he is the co-head of DrugVision.AI, a university service platform that facilitates high-throughput organoid drug screening for both academic and industry partners. His work is pivotal in advancing the application of innovative technologies in cancer research.

- Dr. Colinda Scheele established her independent lab at VIB Center for Cancer Biology and KU Leuven Dpt of Oncology. She pioneered unbiased lineage tracing approaches, 3D whole organ imaging techniques and intravital microscopy strategies to study mammary stem cell dynamics and branching morphogenesis and received several awards for her work. Her lab studies how healthy tissue architecture prevents or promotes the different steps of tumorigenesis and uses advanced (intravital) imaging approaches and organoid technology. These tools are complemented with omics and quantitative modelling to further elucidate the mechanisms of tissue transformation.

The RE-Place educational Webinars are organized to promote the use and development of New Approach Methodologies in Belgium by putting the existing expertise in the spotlight! The Webinars are open to all interested parties including scientists, regulators, the authorities and the public.

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August 27-31, 2023 at Niagara Falls, Canada

Thanks to a grant under CA -IMPROVE, Arti Ahluwalia presented two seminars at the WC12:

Title: Lab on a laptop: beyond the experimental model

Title: Centro 3R, mainstreaming replacement through pervasive 3R education

The first presentation described some of the virtual models developed by her lab. Talk puts forward the proposal that in vitro models might be replaced by the “lab on a laptop”. Following the symposium, Dr. Ahluwalia was involved in engaging discussions on the value of in-silico models, analysing why they are not widely used and how to render them accessible to enable the implementation of viable and valid alternatives to animal experiments. This is a central theme in IMPROVE.

In the second presentation the talk was focused on describing the state of knowledge on the 3Rs at Italian universities before and after the Italian Centro 3R’s ( campaign of pervasive education at all levels. The results showed how education significantly increases the application of the 3Rs and promotes responsible research.

Some leaders in the COST ACTION IMPROVE were at the 12th World Congress on Alternatives and Animal Use in the Life Sciences (WC12) that took place in Niagara Falls (Canada) on August 27-31

IMPROVE was disseminating the work of 3Rs centres & platforms, as well as EU3Rnet - The rise of European 3Rs centres

More info about the congress here.